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At Ada Fintech, we put a lot of time into nurturing our relationships with clients to ensure the best possible outcomes. From initial meetings, through to onboarding and your ongoing use of our system, we support you every step of the way.

But before you begin your Ada Fintech journey, we know that you’ll have some questions about Ada Fintech’s Research Management System (RMS) – how it works, and how it’ll integrate with your business. So we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Ada Fintech - Frequently asked questions
What is a Research Management System (RMS)

An RMS is the hub you need to run an effective research process. Providing you with the tools and features you need to manage and analyse large sets of quantitative and qualitative data.

The majority of industry-specific RMS solutions are designed solely for written research. Very few are capable of supporting multiple content sets, such as reports, corporate access and models – that’s where Ada Fintech comes in!

Ada Fintech streamlines your research and due diligence processes, provides a single data store and increases collaboration across teams.

Do we need a RMS system?

Wealth and asset management teams typically run their research processes using multiple readily available apps, such as Sharepoint, OneNote, Word, etc. This poses multiple challenges as it becomes difficult to:

  • See what team members are working on
  • Find investment research notes and data
  • Report to other teams and stakeholders across the business
  • Collect and store data in a consistent format
  • Maintain a single ‘source of truth’ for all your data
  • Monitor managers effectively and stay on top of all outstanding workstreams and
  • Demonstrate the value of your research and how it helps clients make better decisions.

Ada Fintech’s RMS helps to solve all of these problems.

How can Ada Fintech improve collaboration within my research team?

We designed Ada Fintech’s software for teams who undertake manager research and fund selection. Ada Fintech provides a single platform for these teams to manage their research process – from content collaboration and document sharing, to assigning actions and tracking progress.

RMS solutions often focus solely on the researchers themselves. However, as practitioners, we recognise the value of making this research available to the wider business.

So, we’ve designed Ada Fintech to make it easy for research teams to collaborate and manage their own processes and enable easy access to information for teams and stakeholders from across your business.

For example, Ada Fintech’s portfolio solution allows you to track and monitor the performance of your portfolios while providing the ability to drill down into the underlying funds managed by your research team.

What happens to our current data, systems and processes? Can Ada Fintech be integrated into our existing system?

We have a dedicated team who provide a migration service to new clients. This involves working with you to ensure that your data is in the right shape and format to be uploaded to Ada Fintech – it’s part of our onboarding process.

We also offer support to integrate any existing systems with Ada Fintech to ensure minimal disruption to your team’s processes.

Will implementing and fine-tuning the RMS stop us keeping pace with evolving demands and workload?

Our Ada Fintech team recognises the challenge of onboarding a new system, so we’ve configured Ada Fintech in such a way that it can be used from day one – so you don’t need to wait for a full migration before you go live.

We’ll work with you and your team to evolve the platform incrementally, allowing you to start working with Ada Fintech and realise the benefits immediately.

Can Ada Fintech’s software be tailored to our business needs?

The business value of a research team is the IP they generate. Differentiating your proposition is key to making your business a success, which is why we’ve designed Ada Fintech to be fully customisable.

Our Product team works with you to configure the Ada Fintech platform so that you get the most out of it. If there are any features or functionality you’d like that we don’t currently offer, let us know. We have an active development roadmap that clients feed into to ensure Ada Fintech evolves to meet your ever-changing needs.

We can also run bespoke client projects to tailor Ada Fintech to your exact requirements

Contact us to find out more

Can Ada Fintech RMS integrate with other platforms such as Power BI, Microsoft Outlook or other regularly-used systems?

In short, yes! We currently offer the following integrations for Ada Fintech with out of the box functionality, but we’re happy to explore additional integrations as part of a custom solution:

  • Power BI: charts can be embedded directly into funds, portfolios and groups for quick access.
  • Microsoft Outlook: Send out meeting invites from Ada Fintech to participant emails to track who’s attending.
  • Microsoft Excel: All content on the platform can be managed via an excel upload and download.
  • Bloomberg: a source for daily market data for funds.
  • ICE: a source for daily data feeds.
  • eVestment: a source for fund manager returns.  
  • Third-party news sites: announcements can be embedded into performance charts.
  • Internal data warehouse: an API can be set up with Ada Fintech as part of a custom solution.
Does Ada Fintech integrate with Microsoft Outlook (or other diary management systems)?

Yes, you can send meeting invites to attendees via Ada Fintech, removing the need to manage multiple applications. We can also enhance this integration as part of a custom solution.

Will Ada Fintech work on my mobile or tablet?

Yes, we built Ada Fintech to work just as well on mobiles and tablets as it does on desktops – so you can work on the go!

Ada Fintech can be used on IOS and Android devices.

Where does the data within Ada Fintech sit, and how much control do we have over this?

Ada Fintech uses up to date technology and as such can provide a range of hosting options to ensure that any needs and policies around data management can be met. As part of onboarding, our technical team work with clients to make sure the hosting set-up is appropriate.


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