Consumer Duty

Consumer Duty came into force on 31st July, but this is just reaching the start line, not the finish. On top of keeping pace with client and industry expectations, growing their business, and minimising risk, firms need to evidence that they are acting to deliver good outcomes for their customers on an ongoing basis

The majority of firms already have customers at the heart of their businesses, but most are also using traditional solutions such as Excel, Word, and SharePoint to manage their processes. These are starting to creak…

We’ve designed Ada Fintech to streamline and systemise investment processes. From providing audit trails of communications between manufacturers and distributors, surveying consumer panels, and building custom assessment frameworks to analyse fair value, Ada Fintech provides the tools you need effortlessly evidence your process.

Data Collection

Collecting data throughout the value chain is essential for delivering good consumer outcomes. See how Ada Fintech and easily collect and save your data.

Monitoring Points

Assess any problems head on and demonstrate how you’ve acted fairly in the interest of the consumer, with our Monitoring Points solution.

Assessment Frameworks

Creating value dashboards and frameworks in line with Consumer Duty is essential. See how Ada Fintech enables you to build your own.

Model Portfolios

It can be tough keeping on top of monitoring high volumes of models. Learn how Ada Fintech enables you to easily manage your entire portfolio range.

Activity Timeline

Keeping records with clear audit trails is key to evidencing Consumer Duty standards. But it can be laborious, which can lead to errors. Learn how Ada Fintech can automate your record-keeping and present your existing processes.


Consumer Duty requires robust and demonstrable investment processes. See how Ada Fintech captures and systemises information easily for you.


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