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Need a system that’ll evolve to meet your ever-changing data requirements? Ada Fintech’s here to help.

Access what you need, when you need it

Ada Fintech - Data & Analytics - Investment research

Investment research doesn’t stop at the numbers. Neither should your tech

In such a competitive marketplace, combining quantitative and qualitative data has never been more important and Ada Fintech can help make that happen.

Get a holistic view

Combine quantitative and qualitative information in a single, intuitive data hub.

Ada Fintech - Data & Analytics - Get a holistic view

Zone in on performance

Get the latest fund and benchmark performance to stay on track.

Scan, search and select

Fund selection is made easy with intuitive search and filtering tools.

RAG Reviews

Break funds down with a Red, Amber, Green rating to quickly check in on progress.


Focus on what matters

Produce bespoke dynamic fund snapshots, highlighting key KPIs.

Ada Fintech - Data & Analytics - Focus on what matters

Build your scorecards

Create a dynamic set of KPIs that are important to you such as performance or ESG.

Share your commentary

Access the analyst(s) notes to understand how the fund is truly performing and what has changed.

Start monitoring

Raise a monitoring point to focus on a particular area of concern. Help the team keep track.


Drive smarter decisions

View your data in a different way to gain unique, actionable insights.

Ada Fintech - Data & Analytics - Drive Smarter Decisions

Dashboards that work

Create your own dashboards to display data in the way that works for you, and in a way you can present back.

The portfolio view

Our daily tracker helps monitor your portfolios effectively and stay one step ahead. 

Enhance your team

Gain powerful insights from users’ actions, processes and productivity. See where you can benefit from changes.

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