Document & Content Management

Spending too much time digging out old research notes? Ada Fintech helps you find what you need when you need it.

Make siloed working a thing of the past


Traditional filing structures aren’t fit for purpose. We’ve designed tech that is

Too much time is spent looking for old research notes and spreadsheets. Ada Fintech provides a better way of doing things.

Ada Fintech - Document & Content Management - Traditional filing structures

Access information anywhere

Store, manage and share your content efficiently.

Global access

Login to the Ada platform anytime anywhere.

Format friendly

No matter the format of your file or document. We can find the right fit.


Streamline your research process

Build, share and learn from your own material.

Ada Fintech - Document & Content Management - Streamline your research process

Share your notes

Create, edit and share notes across the wider team enhancing visibility.

Add qualitative value

It’s not just how the manager is performing but what else is happening. See your analyst’s commentary to stay up to date.

Factsheets and KIIDs

Keep a log of all the documents you need or have received from the manager. Easy to access in one place.


Facilitate collective insight

Create and share notes with your team and the wider organisation.

Ada Fintech - Document & Content Management - Facilitate collective insight

Manage engagement

Use the Ada survey functionality to scrutinise managers and stay informed on their views.

Present your findings

Build your own dashboards, and easily extract the content you need to present to senior management.


Keep a clear view of when documents have been updated. And actions completed.

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