Governance & Audit

Need help building a robust governance process? Ada Fintech can help you stay ahead of the regulator.

Governance, made easy

Ada Fintech - Governance & Audit - Good governance

Good governance is onerous. Let our tech do the heavy lifting

With ever-increasing regulations, having a robust governance process has never been more important. Ada Fintech does the hard work for you.

Get ahead of the auditors

Generate a time-stamped audit trail at the click of a button.

Ada Fintech - Governance & Audit - Get ahead of the regulator

Timeline of events

Keep track of key decisions and consultations through the Ada timeline. See everything month by month.

Monitor key activities

Have visibility of all activities linked to the fund since inception. What team members have been assigned what actions.

Have confidence in your process

Be safe in the knowledge that you have the history and data needed before the regulator visits.


Digitalise your process

Maintain a seamless record of key notes, decisions and actions, shareable across your organisation.

Ada Fintech - Governance & Audit - Digitise your process

Work as one

All data and insight easily accessed in one place for your team through the Ada platform.

Create groups

Build committees and groups within Ada to effectively manage meetings and streams of work.

Set and manage actions

Following meetings tag people and actions to increase efficiency and improve processes.


Stay in the know

Keep people within and outside your organisation in the loop via working groups.

Ada Fintech - Governance & Audit - Stay in the know

Role access

Set the right level of access across the organisation. Make it work for you.

Share insights

Deliver easy, digestible information to the wider business to keep the wider team informed.

Forms and Surveys

Send, receive and store forms and surveys with managers to maintain an open dialogue.

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