Manager Monitoring

Looking to streamline your research process? Ada Fintech provides you with the tools you need to design a robust and efficient process to review and monitor your asset managers.

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Asset manager reviews, made seamless

Ada Fintech - Manager Monitoring - Your fiduciary duty

Your fiduciary duty doesn’t stop at manager selection, so why should your tech?

Having a robust process in place to review and monitor asset managers is crucial. We’ve built the technology you need to do it.


Ada Fintech’s software provides the governance guide rails and robust audit which supports our investment manager selection and oversight process, ultimately helping to ensure we select the best investments for our customer portfolios and increase their financial security.

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Research collaboratively

Book meetings, assign actions and work together to produce research papers.

Ada Fintech - Manager Monitoring - Research collaboratively

Work together

Collaborate with your team and wider organisation on the research process.

Govern meetings

Set the agenda, take notes and share relevant content via a single platform.

Assign actions

Keep your team on track by assigning actions and deadlines.


Avoid key-person risk

Help alleviate behavioural biases and key-person risk by creating manager monitoring points.

Ada Fintech - Manager Monitoring - Key person risk

Raise red flags

Highlight potential issues as you spot them so they don’t fall under the radar.

Tag and associate

Tag people and committees so that information is linked and doesn’t become lost.

Store documents

Keep all documents and notes within the Ada platform so that each fund has its own library.


Be ready for the regulator

Access a centralised audit trail of key content, activity and decisions.

Ada Fintech - Manager Monitoring - Ready for the regulator

Centralised data hub

Combine research commentary, performance history and other key information within a single, intuitive dashboard

Organisation-wide sharing

Share information within your team or across the wider organisation to facilitate self-serve.

Time-stamped history

Generate an audit-ready timeline of key events and decisions at the click of a button.

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