Clients asking questions about the ESG characteristics of their portfolios? Ada Fintech has the answers.

Equip your team with the latest investment stewardship data and insights

Ada Fintech - Stewardship - Greenwashing is everywhere

Embed stewardship within your investment process.

Ada Fintech allows you to analyse asset manager voting activity, interrogate vote data based on your specific criteria and concerns.

We source data directly from managers and use our tool for identifying votes – which can be tailored to reflect your specific needs – providing information in easy-to-analyse formats.

Connect decision-making with stewardship data

As asset owners increasingly incorporate ESG into their investment strategy, research teams are left scrambling to source, sort and interrogate this data into their decision-making to stay competitive.

Our first step in easing that burden is our new voting analysis tool. We’re working with Tumelo, a leading stewardship data provider, to automate the data collection process from managers.

Ada Fintech - Stewardship - Collate voting records

Data collection

Tumelo sources voting data for the funds you’ve added within the Ada Fintech platform.

Combined reporting

Explore how asset managers have voted in shareholder meetings for each company in portfolios managed on your behalf.

Keyword tagging

Voting data tagged by topic and/ or keywords helps to quickly explore votes based on your preferences. 


Put significance back into votes

When it comes to votes, finding the ones that matter can be time consuming. Managers lack the context of your other holdings and can’t identify what’s significant to you, so currently you are obliged either to adopt what managers tell you are significant, or wade through thousands of records.

With our significance rating, you can surface hidden votes that are going to be of more interest to you and your beneficiaries. The markers of significance can be tailored to your specific priorities.  

Ada Fintech - Stewardship - Scrutinise decisions

Explore votes

Surface votes across all holdings, reported by managers – and rated on the Ada Fintech platform.

Customise ratings

Set which factors and characteristics to tailor what significance means to you. 

Report findings

Flag votes that you want to share with others or save for quick access later.


Empower your conversations with asset managers

There are increasing expectations of asset owners, from both industry regulation and growing social activism, driving teams to be more efficient in capturing ESG data to be more effective in their engagement with managers. Pressing managers to improve is seen as the best way to deliver better outcomes for beneficiaries.

 Ada Fintech can help demonstrate your stewardship approach and drive meaningful conversations with asset managers when it comes to voting preferences. 

Ada Fintech - Stewardship - Offer a shareholder voice

Drive accountability

Challenge managers on voting behaviour and improve transparency of the votes that matter to you.

Assess integration

Build reports to help assess the quality and consistency of ESG integration. 

Demonstrate your process

Use Ada to demonstrate your approach to stewardship and the value your process can add. 

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