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Solutions designed to create investment research worth sharing 

Help teams create and share fund level research with a user-friendly, cloud-based platform investment professionals will love to use. 

Ada Fintech - Data & Analytics - Investment research

Designed to help research teams digitise their fund manager research process.

Teams create their own custom research workflows, send out manager surveys, conduct meetings, publish reviews and research notes all through a single platform. 

Ada Fintech makes it easy for those teams to share research in a variety of formats (dashboards, summaries) with other investment teams or apps on the Ada Platform.


Scalable solutions that grow with the needs of your team

We realise that your software needs today won’t be the same in 3 months, let alone 3 years time. Ada Fintech has multiple apps that teams share the same underlying data between; ensuring a single source of trusted investment research is readily accessible. 

Ada Research

Ada Research is designed to give research teams full control over their research process. Deploy a range of features to help digitise and standardise the creation, collection and presentation of fund level research; whilst ensuring your process remains collaborative and scalable.

Ada Fintech - Data & Analytics - Drive Smarter Decisions

Consolidate your research process

Create your own dashboards to display data in the way that works for you, and in a way you can present back.

Auditable research as standard

Access an audit history of research decisions, manager meetings and notes for every fund that you’ve added to the system. 

Research pages to be shared

Combine key facts, research notes and daily data feeds on overview pages;  designed to keep teams up-to-date and informed on your latest research


Ada Portfolios

Designed to help wealth managers utilise fund research to create, evaluate and present bespoke client portfolios with confidence.  

Discover portfolio opportunities

Add, remove or modify portfolio allocations using a range of researched funds or model funds to simulate portfolio changes.

Review performance

Periodically review client portfolios using key metrics and traffic light ratings that give you a quick way to validate overall performance.

Integrate live research views

Use information from Ada Research to provide a look-through on latest research notes, fund reviews and performance data to stay in-the-know during client conversations.


Is Ada Fintech right for you?

We recognise that the management of research notes, documents and comms is only part of your process. Ada opens up ways for teams to share and distribute that research to multiple audiences; from CIOs to Investment Committees, Analysts and Portfolio Analysts.

Ada Fintech Manager Monitoring


Oversee your portfolios and asset manager universe. Use live dashboards to track investment risk, access aggregate reporting and demonstrate your impact on client outcomes.

Ada Fintech Stewardship

Portfolio Analysts

Manage, monitor and maintain client portfolio options, alongside recently researched funds, daily performance data and analyst commentary. All of the conversation points you need to stay informed and ready for client conversations. 

Ada Fintech Governance & Audit

Investment Analysts

Digitise your investment research processes, send surveys to managers and published formal research notes for other users to access. Reduce the time you spend on research admin and more time on actual research.

Ada Fintech Document & Content Management

Investment Committees

Utilise customised views and dashboards within meetings to access live reporting on managers, funds and portfolios without the admin overheads. Ensure you are able to complete accurate and timely analysis and reporting.

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