Ada Fintech Product Update – March 2022

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Product Update

Here at Ada Fintech, our aim is to make life easier for users. It’s important to us that we keep you up to date on our roadmap, and what enhancements you will be seeing on the platform. This update is your insider track to everything that is happening at Ada HQ including:

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New features

Notes 2.0

Over the last 12 months we’ve been working with our super users to figure out how we can make note-taking faster, simpler and of greater value to businesses. As a result, we have upgraded our core rich-text framework to create a solid foundation to build upon.

With notes 2.0 you’ll get access to new functionality including:

  • Enhanced formatting: insert tables, images, quotes and use an array of options to make your research easier to digest.
  • Autosave notes: never lose a note again – Ada autosaves behind the scenes to safeguard your work.
  • Focus mode: Go full screen for distraction-less note-taking within your browser and make it easier to read.

The new version of notes has been released to all clients! Get in touch with a member of the team if you have any questions.


Enhanced CSV uploads

One of great the advantages of using Ada Research has always been the ability to batch update large quantities of data through our CSV upload functionality. We’ve seen plenty of teams use this extensively which is fantastic!

With our enhanced functionality you are now able to:

  • Edit associations: link your managers to funds and portfolios, manage any direct associations to the entity you are updating.
  • Manage core data: we now support updating core fields like fund names which were previously unavailable within the upload.
  • Create and delete: create new entities directly through the CSV upload or remove unnecessary entities or duplicates.

We hope the new features make the CSV functionality even better!


Recalling reviews

By using reviews, users are able to add their research, notes and views to a fund using custom templates to ensure consistency across the team and make sure all your research is easy to find. When members of a team are busy and managing a large workload it is more efficient for a colleague to be able to recall a review than have to ask for it to be sent back.

From today if you are the creator of a review, you can recall an unpublished review you have previously sent for approval.


Roadmap update


When it comes to investment research, we believe that being able to track the entire process from screening through selection, provides strategic benefits, stronger governance, and efficiency savings.

When we ran user interviews, we found teams wanted a few key things:

  • Flexibility
  • Iteration
  • Integration
  • Reporting & Retrospectives

Our solution makes use of a Kanban interface to define the various stages and tasks of a particular workflow.

Once in the workflow all the tracking, moving from stage to stage, and completing tasks feeds through to the timeline of that relevant fund. This means when you look at a fund on the Ada Fintech platform, you’ll see the full history of interactions from within a workflow.

The solution is flexible and allows for several use cases, including:

  • Fund screening & selection: Define your stages (screen, RFI, interview, select, approve, publish) and set tasks for each stage.
  • Fund commentary updates: Add your approved funds to a commentary workflow. Define your stages and make sure all funds have the most up to date commentary available.
  • Annual manager reporting: Add managers to your annual reporting workflow and improve the quality of data capture and communications with managers.
  • Comms tracking: Ensure all clients are updated with a comms tracking workflow.

We’re excited for this to go live. If you would like a demo of the new functionality speak to a member of the Ada Fintech team.


Stewardship data

We want to make sure sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We’ve been working hard with Redington to develop a market-leading stewardship solution for users*. As part of this journey, we have selected renowned data provider, Tumelo, to integrate voting records.

When we release the stewardship functionality later this year, we’ll request the holdings and voting data for each of your funds and do the heavy lifting for you.

First two launches:

  • Fund level stewardship: for each holding within a fund, you’ll be able to see how the manager has voted on all shareholder proposals. This will provide you with powerful oversight to see what votes have been cast and if managers have voted in line with the company’s recommendations.
  • Stewardship insights: You’ll be able to look across your entire stewardship data set and discover the most important votes with our significance rating score. Helping you to find the hidden votes and identify manager conflicts.

*additional licence fee applies to access Stewardship data. The fee is dependent on the number of funds within the platform with available data.


This month at Ada Fintech

Brand refresh

Some of our eagle eyes users may have spotted we have launched our new brand – we are now officially Ada Fintech!

Ada Fintech has evolved from a single product into a multi-app platform that extends support from research teams using our RMS (Research Management System) to investment professionals that rely on data to drive decision making. Ada Fintech is now the master platform with each app having its own distinct app icon and colour. This will make it easier for users to spot which app they are using.

We’re proud of how the platform has evolved over the years and look forward to taking this next step on our journey.


Product process changes

We are rapidly growing; our team size has doubled over the last 18 months, as has the number of active workstreams we are running as we continue to develop the platform. To help us deliver features and functionality that are right for our users, and to ensure stronger governance around our design process we made the decision to adopt the Double Diamond framework, outlined by the British Design Council in 2005.

By adopting a globally recognised design process, we can ensure that our product designs are the output of clear discovery and design stages.


That’s a wrap for this month’s product update. We hope you have enjoyed hearing about all the work that is going on behind the scenes.

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