Ada Fintech sponsors NextWealth: Tech to Manage Investment Proposition Report

by | May 30, 2022 | Ada Fintech

Many major financial advisory firms and DFMs still utilise spreadsheets, Word documents, and SharePoint to keep track of multi-million-pound investment choices in a world where technology is constantly being used to make things more efficient and minimise risk.

We’re thrilled to be a sponsor of Next Wealth’s “Tech to Manage the Investment Proposition” research in order to better understand why. The report looks at the challenges that financial advice firms and DFM teams face when managing an investment proposition across multiple platforms, as well as the demand for more sophisticated tools to support information sharing and drive better investment decision-making,

According to the research, some of the biggest challenges teams face include:

  • Inconsistencies across technologies
  • Lack of data and MI
  • Inability to provide an audit trail of events
  • Need to centralise and share data
  • Better reporting

We are glad that Ada Fintech addresses many of these issues and collaborates with businesses to remove inefficiencies, record and track decision making as well as make sharing data both internally and externally easier.

Download the report to learn more.