Press Release – Ada Fintech unveils global stewardship data solution powered by Tumelo

by | May 18, 2022 | Press release

Ada Fintech unveils global stewardship data solution powered by Tumelo

Ada Fintech, the award-winning investment Research Management System (RMS), has announced the launch of a world-first stewardship data solution, through an RMS platform, that allows investors to access and track manager voting records as part of their ESG risk management research and analysis.

Ada Fintech is owned by Redington and combines the firm’s internal technical innovation, research, and investment consultancy expertise with leading third-party data integrations to provide holistic fintech solutions for its clients and the wider industry. Given the sustained growth of ESG and emphasis on quality research and disclosure, stewardship data is a key component in Ada Fintech’s offering and a strong focus for further development and innovation.

Ada Fintech’s new stewardship solution comprises two main features: Fund Level Stewardship and Stewardship Insights, with voting data provided by impact focused Fin-Tech firm, Tumelo.

Fund Level Stewardship provides a complete look-through on each portfolio holding, including how a manager has voted on all shareholder proposals to build an accurate picture of votes cast over time.

Stewardship Insights enables clients to look across their entire stewardship data set and discover the most important votes cast by managers. Ada Fintech then applies a “significance rating score” to enable investors to pinpoint material insights such as hidden votes and potential manager conflicts.

Adam Jones, Managing Director at Ada Fintech and Redington CTO, commented: “In a world where investors are expected to put increasing emphasis on evidencing research and holding managers accountable on ESG engagement, gaining access to the relevant data and insight remains a challenge.

“We have a responsibility to change that, and so have ploughed our combined technology and investment consultancy expertise into developing a meaningful, useable solution. Drawing upon Tumelo’s leading voting research differentiates this further and means users can see exactly how managers are engaging with companies and achieve absolute clarity as to whether their actions are supporting their long-term ESG goals.”

Georgia Stewart, Chief Executive at Tumelo, commented: “Responsible investors are increasingly interested in how their fund managers are engaging with and voting at the companies their money is invested in. The solution we have developed with Ada Fintech enables investors to easily view and monitor how their fund managers have voted on crucial shareholder proposals. Whereas for years stewardship has been an afterthought, this tool allows investors to put stewardship under the spotlight during the fund selection process. We hope this partnership and the greater transparency it delivers will create better outcomes for beneficiaries as well as for society over the long term.”

Paul Lee, Head of Stewardship and Sustainable Investment Strategy at Redington commented: “Voting and engagement are the mainstays of a responsible approach to investment. They hold many of the keys to enabling investors to deliver real-world change and sustainable investment returns. The launch of Ada Fintech’s stewardship solution signals a material shift in providing holistic access to investors on critical and complex stewardship data points such as voting and engagement records. It’s an innovation in our marketplace and we’re proud to support, and be part of, Ada Fintech’s journey.”

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Notes to Editors

About Ada Fintech:

Established in 2018, Ada Fintech’s 60-strong team provides clients with the insights needed to help them navigate ever-changing investment research demands and make the most informed decisions on behalf of their end beneficiaries.

Ada is a cutting-edge technology platform born to bring a new face to the world of finance. Ada offers three apps in Ada Research, Ada Portfolios and Ada Advisory to asset managers, wealth managers, pension schemes and multinationals. The platform supports workflows through data, analytics, document management, insights, and portfolio construction. Giving your business the confidence to practice good governance.

Named after Ada Lovelace – a pioneering female mathematician and computer programmer, the Ada Fintech platform supports over £600bn of client assets globally.

About Tumelo:

Tumelo is an impact-focused financial technology firm that empowers investment and workplace pension providers by giving their members and customers transparency over the companies they are invested in and a voice on issues that matter, like climate change, human rights, and gender equality.

Tumelo’s solution is delivered via easy to integrate APIs and/ or a white-label user-facing platform. The software connects with investment platforms and pension schemes to create a seamless user experience, improving customer engagement, insight, acquisition, and retention.

Tumelo works closely with fund management and stewardship teams to ensure that the voice of underlying customers is represented in decision-making and considered during strategic or product development initiatives.

Tumelo’s technology is currently used by market leaders such as Legal & General, Aviva, Cushon, Wealthyhood, and iClima.

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About Redington:

Redington is a purpose-driven firm on a mission to help make 100 million people financially secure – for the benefit of people and planet.

As an independent investment consultancy, we provide a full range of outcome-oriented advice, high-conviction manager research, sustainable investment expertise, clear reporting and cutting-edge technology to some of the largest institutional investors and wealth managers across the UK, and Europe.

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