Ada Fintech – Product Update – June 2022

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Product Update

Here at Ada Fintech, our aim is to make life easier for users. It’s important to us that we keep you up to date on our roadmap, and what enhancements you will be seeing on the platform. This month is a smaller update focused on two new features that we’re bringing to Ada in July:

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New Features

Form Builder

We’ve had the ability to send forms out to fund managers and investment houses for a while; but to build a new form you had to use an Excel template that wasn’t the most user friendly or intuitive. We sat down with the teams using the forms on a regular basis to figure out what we could do to improve the experience.

Their feedback was clear – make it easier, faster and simpler! We knew we couldn’t do this using the existing Excel template, it was too complex and didn’t handle concepts like conditional questions or multi-inputs very well. So we decided to move forward knowing that the form builder would need to sit within the Ada platform.

The form builder feature is designed to power up the setup and management of forms for requests. You’ll be able to access the following functionality as part of this release:

  • Design multi-section forms: Create forms that can be used in one-off or recurring requests sent to managers, third parties or clients. Use sections and subsections to shape the form to be as simple (or complex) as you’d like.
  • Select from multiple question types: Add questions using a range of various data input methods; simple text, multi-selects, dates and file uploads.
  • Add conditional questions: Link questions to responses from a previous question to streamline which questions get answered by respondents.
  • Preview form templates: Check the logic and layout of your form in preview mode before using it in any of your requests.

Add, edit, re-order or delete multiple questions in your form template. Use sections and sub-sections to divide questions into logical groups to help respondents complete your forms. 

Get a view on your form before you send it out using the preview function.

Form builder is available for all clients this month – so if you’re looking to start surveying managers or third parties get in touch with the Ada team to find out how you can use forms to power up your process.


Automations is our second main release for this month and helps teams take control of scheduled and recurring requests to managers and third parties.

When we talked to teams about form requests, one of their secondary pieces of feedback was around ‘how do we manage recurring requests’. Within a typical research process this is commonplace; teams will request monthly, quarterly or annual information from managers on the funds they use. These forms capture everything from performance, information security, management and stewardship.

Whilst we wanted to ensure this was achieved, we recognised building this into forms would prevent us from setting up these automations for other features or sources of data within Ada. So we made the call to publish automations as a separate feature; one that can be added to as the platform grows.

This initial release enables you to create new automations, setup the rules for that automation (e,g, trigger date, recurrence pattern, send date), link to a form and manage recipients. Here are some of the main areas of functionality:

  • Create and manage multiple automations: Setup and manage one or many automations within Ada for your form or file requests to external companies.
  • Control frequency, start date and recurrence: Our automations rules enable you to define the specifics of the automation, from trigger date, recurrence (one-off, monthly, weekly) and send date.
  • Manage audience: Build your audience for the automation to use when sending out the form request.

View your active, inactive and archived form requests within Ada.

Create detailed rules for your automation through our setup process. 

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