Ada Fintech – Product Update – August 2022

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Product Update

Here at Ada Fintech, our aim is to make life easier for our users. It’s important to us that we keep you up to date on our roadmap, and what enhancements you will be seeing on platform.

This month we give an update focused on the new features and the new enhancements we made to the Ada platform in August. These include:

New Features

Export Voting Data

In the mid-year of 2022, we released our Voting Records functionality and made this available to all clients. This provides an effective way to surface the votes that are likely to be of interest and enables the user to explore the stewardship data to see what votes were cast during the selected period.

Over the last few months, we’ve been collaborating with our users to figure out how we can improve the ‘Voting Records’ functionality to get more value to businesses and their end client. As a result, we have developed a feature that enables them to drive insights and conduct analysis offline to view key metrics using this stewardship data.

With this release, we’ve introduced a new tool to take the analysis offline that includes:

Export CSV – You’ll see seamless ways that will allow you to export stewardship data as a CSV file.

Soon we are releasing something new, that we know you’ll love! Keep an eye on future updates for more information as there will be more tools added to the Voting Records functionality.


Vote Category

We’ve taken a step forward to improve the way in which you interact with the Voting Records feature and will always strive to make it more efficient in how we interrogate the Voting Records.

Sorting vote data can be difficult at times due to not knowing the exact name of the Vote Category to filter with, so we decided to upgrade the Vote Category filter, which allows you to quickly explore the vote data based on your category preferences.

With our enhanced feature you will be able to:

  • Choose vote category – sort your votes by using ‘Category’ filter, that will present you with a dropdown menu to select the ‘vote category’ option and receive a more responsive view of the data.

Number Field Formatting

Number fields are the most commonly used elements of any UI design components, and within Ada we have wider range of numeric fields that possess certain different properties such as currencies and number formats – enabling users to enter numeric data, that determines the type of data it stores.

So earlier this year we revisited our number field format and as a result, we’ve released another aiding upgrade to the Ada platform, that makes it easier to differentiate between different numeric values particularly those seen in exported data and UI/UX forms.

We’ve provided prefix/ suffix adornments that work great when the numerical fields have a specific measure. With this upgrade you’ll see fields’ adornments in both edit mode and display states. A few examples of what you’ll see in Ada today:

  • Currency – specify the currency to see the selected currency adornment in the field or let system define the default currency for you and present it back to you with currency adornment in the field.
  • Percentage – suffix adornment with ‘%’
  • Basis Point – suffix adornment with ‘bps’

We hope the new feature Number Field Formatting intuitively communicates all the information even better!